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Welcome to the Studio!

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Remember when you were a kid and summer seemed to drag on forever? This one was gone in a flash- as a matter of fact, today is already the second day or school for the littles!
This summer was definitely one of our busiest, partly due to moving into the brand new Abby Maddy Studio! Since 2010 when I first founded the company, I have worked out of our home (wherever the Army happened to send us) and I can't tell you what a DREAM it has been to finally have a separate space all our own!  The past few months have been spent painting, hanging beautiful chandeliers and creating a space worthy of all the color, design and inspiration that will come from inside these walls! 
Our new studio allows us the space we need to create more of our signature designs, house inventory for the Curated Collection, and most importantly, creates a divide between work and home! And if you've spent a season working from home, you know just how precious that separation can be.
While we don't yet have a retail storefront, we do welcome you to pick up your online orders at the studio and avoid shipping cost.  We hope to have a storefront in the near future. 
In the meantime, be on the lookout for several new collections dropping over the next few months! We have so many exciting things planned for you!

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