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Our Story

Hey friend!
Are you new here? I'm Stefanie, founder of Abby Maddy, mama of two, married to my college sweetheart, doing post-military life in Northeast Tennessee. I created Abby Maddy in 2010, when my husband deployed to Afghanistan and I found myself solo-parenting with a 5 week-old and a 2 year-old.
To say my hands were full doesn't even describe it. Just a simple trip to the grocery was an olympic sport. Parking lots left me feeling particularly vulnerable, especially at night. Fumbling for keys with two tiny babies was difficult so I began designing keyrings that would help keep my hands free. And suddenly, Abby Maddy was born. 

Twelve years later, functional, fashionable, hands-free accessories are still the heart of our brand. But we're not just building a business, we're building a community. A place where women of all ages and stages can come together to share joyous moments, ask questions, recommend a good book, find style advice, or just pass along your favorite brownie recipe.

Whether you're brand new, or have been with us since the beginning, I am so happy you're here. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee and spend a little time getting to the heart of Abby Maddy, and discover why women everywhere love our signature style.