Classic. Charming. Sophisticated.
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About the Brand

Abby Maddy is classic, charming and sophisticated. She's a mother, daughter and wife. She's a college student, mamapreneur, and military spouse. She's a professional and a professional baby wrangler.  Her days are filled with running homes and running empires. She's fueled by coffee and sustained by passion.  She's fearless, timeless and confident.  She doesn't believe in fussy and wastes no time on drama. She easily marries trendy with elegant. She insists her style be effortless and her bag, functional.  
Created with style and simplicity in mind, each bag is designed and sewn by hand. We believe that handcrafted is found in the details and our bags are created in small, refined batches. Brass zippers and suede touches lend sophistication to handmade and our signature label tells our story time and again. From designer fabrics to the durable Kona lining, our clutches are made to fit your lifestyle.

Classic. Charming. Sophisticated.

Handmade from wherever the Army take us.