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*Sewing Lessons are currently unavailable*
Did you know that twelve years ago when I founded Abby Maddy, I didn't know how to sew? It's true! I spent many hours in front of my mama's thirty-year-old Singer, with my laptop and You Tube, slowly learning the basics of machine sewing.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to figure it out. What I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm, tackling one skill after another. 
Three years later I had conquered that old sewing machine, and friends began asking me to teach them! I discovered that nearly everyone I knew fell into one of two catergories: they had their mama's thirty year old sewing machine they kind of knew how to use or they had a brand new sewing machine still in the box that they had no idea how to use!
So that's where we started. Ladies would arrive with a machine that had never been touched and leave with a completed project and a brand new set of skills.
Slowly I began creating Sewing 101, a course that I wish had existed when I was learning to sew.  Whatever your sewing experience- that's where we began. And yes, many times it began with taking the machine out of the box. 
Twelve years later I've taught women from all over the country the basics and joy of sewing.  Whether it's a Sunday evening gathered around a kitchen table with friends, or in a more structured classroom environment, Sewing 101 has helped women of all ages conquer their sewing machines. 
While I still teach classes from time to time (see upcoming events here), I also know that sometimes you need a little more time individually to really get comfortable with your machine. 
That's why private sewing lessons are so valuable, giving you time and one on one attention to really get familiar with your sewing machine. 
You can choose the lesson package that best suits your needs and skill level.
Ready to conquer your sewing machine?
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Still have questions? Here's some answers to FAQ
Do I need my own sewing machine?
Yes. You will need to provice your own sewing machine.  Please make sure it is in good working order before you arrive. In other words- if it's older, get it serviced so you can get the most out of your lesson.  You will also need thread, scissors, a ruler, a seam ripper and a bobbin. 
If I don't have a sewing machine do you have one I can use?
Unfortunately, no. Sewing machines are a lot like vehicles. Each one has it's own unique features and quirks. When learning to sew, you will be most successful if you can continue to practice at home on your own machine.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes! Choose Sezzle at checkout to split your payment into 4 interest-free installments. Please note, sezzle is a third party site and not affiliated with AMC. 
Where are private lessons held?
We are currently working on a new location for private lessons. Lessons can be given in your home as space permits.
Can I bring a friend?
If you would like to take lessons with a friend, please make sure you are both registered and then let me know so I can schedule you together. I can only accomodate 2 students at a time for privates lessons.
Do you teach the above lesson as a class?
I do ocassionally teach Sewing 101 Class. However, be advised that it is a very abbreviated version of the private lesson outline due to time constraints.  Click here for a calendar of events. 
When do lessons take place?
Timeslots are available during the day, evenings and weekends. I will work with you to find a time to best accomadate your schedule. 
How long do I have to take all my lessons?
Once registered, private lessons must begin within three months. I will work with you to schedule both your sessions within a 2 week period. 
Can you help me complete a project?
Projects will be considered on a case by case basis, once all the Sewing 101 skills have been mastered.  You will also complete a project as part of you lessons.
Do you teach children?
Yes! I can accomodate children 12 and older. Please note that the lessons may be edited or adapted for children. A parent must be present during lessons.
Still have questions?
Email and I'll be happy to help!
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